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How Useful is Your Food to Your Ranch?

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Basically there are 2 types of food.

Food that goes well with ranch dressing, and unfortunately(yes people are still producing these foods) things that do not go with ranch.

Now i will fully admit that there are foods i seldom mix with ranch:Cereal, orange juice, creme brule, tirimisu, and even ice cream.

Honestly they just dont go that well. However one thing that always steams my nuggets is when food that should go great with ranch fails to live up to its expectation. The prime example to this is the BAD FRENCH FRY.

ranch dressing goes with fries

Basically fast food style greasy thin cut fries are not really optimized for ranch. Well honestly they arent optimized for human consumption in general. But they usually especially suck for ranch. what a waste. I understand that some people may like this type of fry, but the thick dudes or waffle fries with a big cup of ranch is what its all about.That being said, places with this type of fry usually have crappy ranch (exceptions do exist) but if your too lazy to make good friesĀ  your probably to lazy to care about your ranch. That my friends is what we call a correlation effect.

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