Good things never come in small packages

Especially Ranch Dressing.  Its actually pretty simple math.  If something is good, more of it is better. If i order “lots of ranch” then why the hell would a waitress think its ok to give me a tiny shallow warm cup of ranch. Not cup in a good way either. An appropriate cup of ranch for me would be…..Ranch Dressing, adventures in ranch Dressing, restaurant ranch dressing, ranch dressing blog This picture was actually me when i was 3 years old drinking ranch. Look at how happy i was. This was one of the best moments of my life. Ok truth in advertising, this wasnt me, but had i been served this amount of ranch at The Score Bar and Grill in Grand Rapids, MI.

Now i will give them points for having food that goes well with ranch. But in all honesty the food isnt great. To be fair it is typical, they have burgers, fries, pizza, etc. But if you are in Grand Rapids, MI and need a good sport bar for ranch dressing i recommend Peppinos or Uccellos both of which are reasonably priced, have great ranch, and good sports bar food.

Lastly the waitress violated the cardinal rule of food, she brought my fries out 20minutes before my food without my ranch dressing. WTF what am i supposed to do with fries without ranch? Look at them? No thanks.


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