Connors! Small Place, Big Personality, Great Ranch

The smaller family restaurants always have better ranch dressing than the big chains. One place that i usually go to 2-4 times a week is Connors Family Dining at 5 mile and Haggerty (they also have a Dearborn heights location).

No matter how busy it is, you are always seated in 10 minutes or less. No matter when you go, for what meal, the prices are always low and the food is always great.


The best part is they will serve you whatever meal you want whenever you want it. I often go for breakfast at 10am and decide i want fries and ranch. They accommodate.

Lets get to the best part (for me). The ranch. Not only do they serve it to you in pottery type containers or bowls that keep it cool, its of the perfect consistency. This allows you to get a good amount on your fries or chicken without it just dripping off. Additionally the waitresses are always great and will offer you more if it looks like you are running low (usually should result in 5% extra tip for extraordinary service). Finally almost all the food served goes great with ranch. It also stands alone well on its own (and to be honest i haven’t had their breakfasts with ranch yet).

Overall its a great place, with great ranch.


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