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The only relation is….

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You know what goes great with ranch dressing? Free stuff. This is out of character for this blog but today blockbuster express machines are giving away free rentals.


The codes available for free one night rentals are:

At any Blockbuster Express kiosk, get a 1-night DVD rental for free via coupon code “93JBHS6”. That’s tied with last week’s mention as one of the best deals we’ve seen for this service, which is similar to redbox. This coupon is only valid on $1 titles. Some newer releases cost $2.99 for the first night and are excluded from this offer. Click hereto find a Blockbuster Express kiosk location near you. Coupon ends July 1.

Of note, you can qualify for seven additional one night rentals via codes “94RRAP7” “92CMEA2”, “73MLBJ6”, “35AEMR4”, “46MDEB9”, “86ZGDB4”, and “56EHJR7”. (Note you can only redeem one code at a time.)


Good things never come in small packages

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Especially Ranch Dressing.  Its actually pretty simple math.  If something is good, more of it is better. If i order “lots of ranch” then why the hell would a waitress think its ok to give me a tiny shallow warm cup of ranch. Not cup in a good way either. An appropriate cup of ranch for me would be…..Ranch Dressing, adventures in ranch Dressing, restaurant ranch dressing, ranch dressing blog This picture was actually me when i was 3 years old drinking ranch. Look at how happy i was. This was one of the best moments of my life. Ok truth in advertising, this wasnt me, but had i been served this amount of ranch at The Score Bar and Grill in Grand Rapids, MI.

Now i will give them points for having food that goes well with ranch. But in all honesty the food isnt great. To be fair it is typical, they have burgers, fries, pizza, etc. But if you are in Grand Rapids, MI and need a good sport bar for ranch dressing i recommend Peppinos or Uccellos both of which are reasonably priced, have great ranch, and good sports bar food.

Lastly the waitress violated the cardinal rule of food, she brought my fries out 20minutes before my food without my ranch dressing. WTF what am i supposed to do with fries without ranch? Look at them? No thanks.

Freakily similar

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This is not a typical post, but it made me laugh, and will make you laugh so screw it!

The following link is to a hillarious post about Sriracha Rooster Sauce. But my followers, when you read it please use the word ranch every time you read the word sriracha. It will make you smile.

The link is below.

Insert Ranch when you hear Sriracha!

Fancy Ranch

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Ususually the fancy expensive restaurants do not specialize in ranch. Their usual argument is that their food is so good it doesnt need sauce. BS!. All food needs sauce. Well creme brule doesn’t need sauce but it is pure sugar. Anyways i went to Fleming’s Steakhouse this weekend with some family for a special occassion and dang, they have great ranch. Usually if the food costs over $40 a plate i wouldnt even bother with ranch but i got it with some fancy potatoes and steak and it was out of this world great.

Not only was it good but they give you three different sauces, one of which is crazy spicy and mixes great with the ranch. Yea, i dipped the main course prime rib in ranch, i may have looked dumb but NAM NAM NAM it was so good. I especially also recommend their fancy onion rings in the ranch.

To top it off at restaurants like that you get two waiters which kicks butt because it means you wont run out of ranch. That and its balling.

All that said i don’t know how i can go back to having one waiter and cheap wine at normal restaurants. Oh wait, I’m not rich yet. Crap.

Connors! Small Place, Big Personality, Great Ranch

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The smaller family restaurants always have better ranch dressing than the big chains. One place that i usually go to 2-4 times a week is Connors Family Dining at 5 mile and Haggerty (they also have a Dearborn heights location).

No matter how busy it is, you are always seated in 10 minutes or less. No matter when you go, for what meal, the prices are always low and the food is always great.


The best part is they will serve you whatever meal you want whenever you want it. I often go for breakfast at 10am and decide i want fries and ranch. They accommodate.

Lets get to the best part (for me). The ranch. Not only do they serve it to you in pottery type containers or bowls that keep it cool, its of the perfect consistency. This allows you to get a good amount on your fries or chicken without it just dripping off. Additionally the waitresses are always great and will offer you more if it looks like you are running low (usually should result in 5% extra tip for extraordinary service). Finally almost all the food served goes great with ranch. It also stands alone well on its own (and to be honest i haven’t had their breakfasts with ranch yet).

Overall its a great place, with great ranch.

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