Double Stuffed

The best types of food are those you can double up on. You dip things in sauce so that you can make it taste better right? Why not just batter the food in the sauce then dip again. Go for the gold!

I say this because today i went to Mennas. If you aren’t familiar its basically like burritos stuffed with coney island type food. Sooooo good. I order the Chicken Tender CT dub and the best part? You can choose as many sauces as you want for them to put inside the “dub” and then you can request soufle cups of ranch to dip the sandwich in. I personally recommend getting BBQ and Ranch inside the dub and then dipping in more ranch. Honestly the ranch isnt anything special, it tastes like it should and doesnt really stand out in my mind but it just so perfectly complements the food they serve. I highly recommend the “fries” which are like baby tater tots of goodness.

Usually Mennas is only on select college campuses but if you are ever at Central Michigan University, Michigan State University, or Grand Valley State go get a dub. They especially complement drunken and raucous nights of debauchery.


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