What Do Coney Islands and Apple Have in Common?

Answer: They are both sure things. Apple is colloquially known as a sure thing for a stock, it slowly rises and its a pretty steady bet. The same exact goes for coney islands. No matter which one you go to the ranch will always be pretty good. Today i went to the senate coney island in Northville, MI. Soooooooo good. I got the chicken tender pita and the ranch was phenomenal. Plus the chicken kicked ass with the ranch, plus the fries have an almost minty taste which goes amazing.

I have been going to coney islands since i was born and honestly i have only had like 1 ever bad experience out of at least guaranteed 1500 visits, = 1500000 calories. But its all good i’m totally ok with going to the gym for a couple extra hours if it means eating at a coney with guaranteed great ranch. Nothing in life is ever a guarantee, so when life gives you one SEIZE IT!

Also beware of places that have coney in the name but arent coney islands, these places are never any good. IE Coney Station in East Lansing. Food is sub par at best.


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