Red Coat Tavern. A new #1?

I recently had the experience of experiencing great ranch dressing. Great Burgers. And Great Atmosphere all in one. The place? Royal Oak’s Red Coat coat We went there on Saturday based on some pretty good reviews we had heard from everyone, and it didn’t disappoint. The place itself was pretty packed, there was a 2hour wait. For burgers and good ranch? I’ll take it, luckily we called ahead and were seated in 20. First everything on the menu can arguably be dipped in ranch. Second i was freaking astonished at how good the ranch was. IT WAS PHENOMENAL. Perfect consistency, perfect taste. Now in addition to the ranch a second recommendation is the zip sauce. This sauce is mayo based as is ranch but has an onion’ish taste. The burger (farm raised piedmontiesse) was smothered in the sauce, and i smothered it in ranch as well. FLAVOR EXPLOSION IN MY MOUTH. Even my family and lovely girlfriend who usually don’t go as bonkers for ranch as i do, thought it was good.

The ranch was like Charlie Sheen and four Goddesses doing a line of coke in your mouth and then paying you for renting the space. It was one of those ranch dressings where you dont want the feeling to end, so you make sure that the last thing you eat is smothered in it.

If you have not already been there go now.


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