International House of “not ranch”

Stick with the pancakes Ihop. I took a business class a couple years ago and one of the main points the professor would chant over and over is “businesses should stick to the knitting”. In short this means that companies known for one thing should stick to it and not branch out into crazy territories. IE it was a flop when mcdonalds introduced the mcpizza. Stick to the burgers and fries. Likewise Ihops menu is huge. Not only do most of its items not go with ranch, the ranch isnt very good, even on things it should be good with IE chicken and waffles/fries.

Pro: Ranch was served in a massive bowl. This is amazing and i love when restaurants do this because i dont have to ask for refills of it. Ranch was free unlike lame places that charge for dipping sauce = my ultimate pet peeve. We had a coupon which if you sign up for the pancake revolution you will have a never ending supply of.

Con: Everything. Service sucked. Food was mediocre at best. Portions were small (usually they are huge i ordered fries and got 11 of them wtf?). Ranch tasted nasty, like it had been sitting under the warming lamp for 2years before it was brought to me. Rude waitress interupted our conversation and talked to us for 23 minutes. Food took 39 minutes to arrive which is hard to believe for chicken, waffles, pancakes, and toast.

Ihop should design a special type of breakfast ranch designed specifically for breakfast foods. This would put them ahead of the game! If they do this i want a cut of the check. Maybe a ranch’esqe waffle sauce? Sounds gross but you know itd be spectacular.


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