Follow the Clues!

Look for clues. Are there so many televisions on the wall that you have no clue where to look? Are the waitresses like cute in the face but kinda chubby in the tummy? Are there sad old men playing Keno by themselves at the bar? If you answered yes to any of these questions you might be at a sports bar.

Sports bars are good for many things. You can be loud, you can watch sports, and you dont have to tone down your language for families. Oh yea and they have lots of beer. In big glasses. But none of these niceties compares to the fact that sports bars almost always serve up good ranch dressing.

Good ranch dressing frankly is the tits. (i heard that line somewhere and have waited a while to use it so dont hate)

The sports bar i visited today which had great ranch is Uccellos in Allendale, MI. This place gets props for being an italian restaurant sports bar. They have the classy food and the hangover cure type greasy food youd expect.

Added bonus. Lunch buffet. Everything at the buffet went great with ranch except the chocolate pudding but to be honest, it was pretty good on its own. I especially recommend their pizza with ranch, salad with ranch, bread sticks with ranch, and Stromboli with ranch. You get all you can eat food and ranch all for like $7. Pretty good place, and as a side if you want real food, the chicken Parmesan kicks ass and also kicks ass with ranch.


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