Famous Dave’s Famous Ranch

Why do we congregate on this blog to ponder the infinite ranch possibilities that the restaurant world holds? We do it because we are passionate and because it makes food better. Last night i accompanied my lovely girlfriend and her sister to Famous Dave’s in Grand Rapids. KICK ASS decision. You gotta love a place that serves food on a garbage tin.

In all seriousness the food couldnt be better because it is all slathered in BBQ sauce. Not only does it all have great sauce, they give you 5 more options for different bbq sauces on the table. All that is missing is ranch. You have to ask for the ranch separately because it is the best thing ever and they dont want to waste it on unworthy customers.

I ordered the chicken tenders, and got the beans, corn muffin, and famous fries as my sides. Although the beans didnt mix so well with the ranch everything else did. It sounds wierd but even the ranch had a strange southern tang. I kinda liked it, it didnt have that classic feel you get at an all american coney island but it was fantastic in its own way. Its like it was made for bbq food. I tried a bite of Charlotte’s bbq pulled pork, and BAM surprise ranch goes great with it.

To make things even better when i asked for “extra” ranch the waitress didnt bring me the normal amount, she brought it to me in a bowl. Thats how its done folks. Dont screw me on ranch serving sizes people, your tip will notice if you do.

Also if you go, from 8-10 they have happy hour, i got a tall blue moon for $2. Kick Ass. Great way to wash down the copious amounts of ranch and meat i consumed. It was like the last supper of things that go well with meat.

mmm ranch and food

Overall Famous Dave’s gets a 9. I only say this because the food is often times to flavorful and the ranch gets overpowered. Not a bad thing but if you order something crazy spicy the ranch wont cool it down properly. But hey thats your choice, 99% of the menu goes great with ranch.


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