Choosers CAN be Beggars

I am not picky about many things in life. Ok thats a complete lie, i am picky. But i deserve to be because i am pretty awesome and have worked hard in life to afford myself the opportunity to be picky.

They say beggars cant be choosers, but choosers can definitely be beggars. I for instance choose to go to restaurants that have good ranch and food that will go well with ranch. I only beg that my ranch will be refilled once, twice, or three times during my meal. I’ve never been a waitress, (or a woman for that matter….) or a waiter, but when nobodies in the restaurant you may as well top off my ranch or bring my a new one.

I went to the Box Bar Grill in Plymouth, MI the other day and had a mixed ranch experience.

bbg The food was delicious, i had the pulled pork sandwich and fries which i dipped in ranch. However the ranch was watery (but still good, it stuck to the fries well). Due to the watery nature of the ranch and the speed at which i sopped up the fries it was consumed in like ten seconds. The waitress however was nowhere to be seen. She finally came and asked if we needed anything and i said “yes please i’ll take another ranch”. What does senora stupid do? NOT EVER BRING ME A RANCH REFILL. DAMNIT. I had to eat my remaining 11 french fries without dipping sauce, and the second half of my bbq sandwhich with no cool ranch to cool off the tangy bbq. I WAS NOT HAPPY. The food at the box bar is always wonderful, the drink selection kicks ass, the prices are great, but honestly the service is always awful.

The ranch gets a rating of 6. I would give it an 8 on a pure ranch scale but if there isnt enough of it available for half a portion there’s honestly no point. I wish this was something you could complain about and get a gift card for free food but some people are stupid and dont take ranch as seriously.

I want to build an army, a ranch army. Any takers?


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