All American Places=Great Ranch

My adventures in ranch this week took me to downtown Plymouth to a nice sports bar with outa this world food and ranch (and drinks) called Ironwood Grill. The menu is extensive and there’s a little bit of something for everyone. For me it was a paradoxical day. I usually feel like one of three things when out to eat: A salad, a sandwich/burger, or chicken fingers. Today i couldn’t decide so i said screw it and ordered a pizza and sweet potato fries. Thank god ranch goes great with pizza as well as sweet potato fries. In fact ranch goes so well with sweet potato fries itsalmost like a ranch’ish desert.

They give you an ample amount of fries, and since the traditional pizzas are thin, you wont even feel gross after all of it. THE PIZZA GOES AMAZING WITH THEIR RANCH. I would categorize the ranch as zesty and flavorful. It has a minerally texture to it but its texture helps it absorb the food quite well. It sticks easily to the crust but getting it on the cheesy bit is more difficult. Only complaint would be that when you order an entire pizza and fries and ask for ranch, all they give you is a measly souffle cup?! Are you kidding that’s not enough for a MANPetite of ranch (a manpetite is a manly appetite). If restaurants want to seriously please me, just give me an appropriate amount of ranch which varies accordingly with the amount of food i order.


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