Fine, Blizzard, be a jerk and prevent me from enjoying ranch…

This site is dedicated to restaurant ranch dressing. DO YOU KNOW WHEN YOU CANT BLOG ABOUT RESTAURANT RANCH?!?! WHEN THERES FLIPPING 17INCHES OF SNOW THAT PREVENT YOU FROM GOING TO RESTAURANTS. ok enough caps lock, but seriously, weather do you realize you are preventing me from going to buffalo wild wings and feasting on their seemingly unlimited supply of things that can be dipped in ranch?

BWW is great because literally everything on the menu goes great with their ranch which is pretty good. On the scale of ranch, its prolly a 7 out of 10. The con is that they charge you for ranch which is some BS. Their ranch has a bit of a tang to it, but i mean what do you expect from a place that has the tastiest of other sauces too?

The coolest part about Bdubs is that their ranch also goes great with their potato wedges. For a full ranch fiesta get the basket of wedges with 2 different sauces on your wings (preferably boneless). I recommend the Parmesan garlic, and the Asian zinc. You will get the right amount of garlic and spice which makes everything right.

Also dont discount the celery just because its green, ranch got its start on salads, leaving that celery on your table is just rude, for god sake its free and healthy, and with the help of ranch, its pretty good. Just eat it.

Also if anyone has ideas on how to get me some bdubs and fresh bdubs ranch from the nearest one to my house without me having to get my car stuck please let me know asap.


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